2012 The Odyssey DVD


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2012 The Odyssey DVD

By Sharron Rose

The Mayan Calendar is ending on 21 December 2012.  What will happen to us between now and then?  Are there other prophecies that also predict the closing of this world age and the start of a new beginning?

Join Author Sharron Rose on an adventure into the future.  In this exciting and thought provoking feature documentary Sharron travels across the entire United States speaking to many experts on this fast approaching prophecy.

Featuring noted experts Jose Arguelles, Gregg Braden, John Major Jenkins, Rick Levine, Geoff Stray, Moira Timms, Alberto Villoldo, Jay Weidner, the Incan Elders and more.  This film shows us that the coming world is ours to reshape and to remake in any way that we deem possible.

Sharron Rose also travels to the Georgia Guidestones, Washington DC, the Denver Airport and many other places to discover that there are numerous groups and people who understand that this present age is ending and a new world is now just beginning.  Discover the secrets of the Mayans, the Incans, the Alchemists, the Christians, the Masons and others of our ancient ancestors concerning the end of time and the promise of our destiny as human beings.

Rated: PG
Duration: 99 mins
Released: 2007