"I can never thank Jo enough for the immeasurable help she’s given me over the last few years to help
"This was my first ever reading and the information on me that you predicted is spot on and you had
"Hi!  My Name is Leslie.  I want to thank you for the wonderful reading and healing you have done for
“Dear Joanne, Thank you so much for sending me the Griffith designer tarot bag!!!  I've been wanting one of those
"If you are seeking your truth with an open mind and heart and are not afraid to undertake an adventure
“I love my Wizard Wand that I purchased from you at Paddy's Markets”. Kelly Sampson, New Zealand, 5 May 2010
“And thank you lovely lady for a wonderful day!"  Cheryle C, 30 November 2010
"I had always wanted to get a reading but was skeptical about the outcome . . . I was very surprised.
"Our sessions with Jo were time and money well spent but, without sounding corny, it gave us a great deal
"Visited this lovely lady, who gave her time to help me and my friend on Friday arvo. We picked out
"Jo is amazing! Very nice lady, who gave me such a accurate reading giving me messages from my Father who
It was awesome meeting you today Jo. Thanks for the inspiration, the insight and the enlightenment. You are a beautiful
Jo is someone who radiates love and kindness just through an email! Thank you so much for all the trouble
"Hi Jo, Thanks for my reading so appreciative. Now I Leith is safe. I have peace now. You are a
"Jo very good I should Definitely go back." Ry Ryan  14 July 2019
"Jo is such a sincere, beautiful soul who gives so much of herself. I will make a point of visiting
Thank you so much Jo you made my mum so happy today , coming to you has helped her so
"Top class stall, with everything you need, from incense, you name it!!"   Rob Suttie,  9 December 2017 · 
"Excellent range, love the essential oils and the staff are absolutely lovely and a pleasure to do business with."  Adam
"Hi Joanne, I just wanted to say such a huge THANKYOU for today.  It was such an amazing experience.  I
"You are so F**king nice.  You are such a kind person. I can't believe how nice you are!"  Chantelle 2019
"You saved my Life!  I love you so much!"  Michael, 2021
"Went there with my friend and the shop owner was really helpful!! Explained everything in detail and made some really
"She’s really nice lady, easy going personality, patience to answer. Recommend to do tarot reading ??"  Yoo Valentina, 2020
"Jo is the most helpful and kind person. I made an order for a ‘hard to find’ item, and Jo
"I have been going to Awakening Lotus for 0ver 5yrs and the owner and the staff have been great over
"Amazing store and super friendly and welcoming staff, thank you for today Jo"  Oliver Byron, 2018
"Just joined a friend of mine who wanted to ask few question, felt like trying aura reading + card myself.
"Friendly, helpful service. :)" Gabor Parlag, 2019
"Dear Jo,  This is Charlie from Brisbane.  I visited you at Paddy's Markets back in March 2019. I was heavily bereaved
"Our sessions with Jo were time and money well spent but, without sounding corny, it gave us a great deal
"A massive amount of gratitude to Joanne Thompson for fitting me in today ! ? it was a very special
"Its difficult to find words of encouragement without sounding clichéd.  You know you'll be OK.  I know you'll be OK. 
"U are one gifted woman."  Nes 2021
"You deserve all the kindness.  You can feel all the kindness you give out, even thou we have never met. 
Visited this lovely lady who gave her time to help me and my friend on Friday arvo. We picked out
Thanks for doing reading today , i feel more secure and growing up better because of your guidance . Pretty
About 8 months ago while visiting Sydney, I happened across this shop and the lovely Jo. I asked for a
Reg Aura Photo as Gift Voucher:  "Thank you for yesterday ♥ Girls like it very much ♥ and thanks for
Thankyou for my beautiful Aura Photo..!! I have left feeling absolute bliss that i was able to align my chakras