Readings – Intuitive Spiritual Guidance

Be Inspired, Passionate & Happy!

Its Fantastic to be Inspired, Passionate and Happy.
Jo Thompson can help you achieve this with her Gift of Communication with Spirit.
Jo Thompson receives guidance from Spirit and interprets these messages to give you Clarity, Peace of Mind and a way to Move towards Success and Happiness.
You can ask Jo questions on any topic.  She will help you to understand what is really going on and provide you with the best course of action. She can help ease your pain and grief and return you to a more peaceful state.
Jo Thompson has much experience and uses Beautiful Tools to Support: Intuition, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Angels, Guides, Mediumship, Cards, Crystals, Past Life, Manifestation, Compassion and Prayer.

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Healings - Divine & Holistic

Feel Vibrant, Healthy & Happy!

Feeling Vibrant and Healthy is Important for a Happy Life.
Jo Thompson can help you achieve good health by Clearing, Balancing and Strengthening your body Energetically as well as providing Guidance on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies so that you understand what is necessary for Optimal Health.
Jo helps you to move towards great Health by Balancing your Energy Fields, Aura & Chakras on all levels of your existence. Jo uses her gifts of Intuition, Reiki, Angels, Channelling Energy, Crystals, Herbs, Cleansing Tools, Essential Oils, Cards, Mediumship, Past Life, Manifestation, Prayer and Love.

Jo Thompson is not a licensed medical Doctor. Seeking medical advice through a licensed practitioner is recommended. Taking responsibility for your own health, decisions and actions is Imperitive. Jo Thompson can bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual to provide a holistic approach..

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Feel Safe, Protected & Understood!

Feeling Safe, Protected, Understood and Connected are important parts of being a Healthy Human Being. Jo Thompson can help you to get your Stability and Power back, move forward in a Pleasing and Gentle manner to Enjoy life again.

Being Supported by someone who is Kind and Caring and encourages you to feel Heard and Hopeful, with a sense of Belonging and Connection is a Beautiful experience. This leads to Stability, Courage, Understanding and Empowerment . . . And ultimately an Exciting Life.

Jo Thompson encourages Respect, Dignity and Sincerity because she Cares. She will uphold you with Confidentiality and Honesty. And will walk with you towards Solutions Focused outcomes, Confidence and an Empowered Future.

Jo Thompson has a wealth of Life Experiences and Empathy that she draws on. She has Evolved through her own Journey of Vulnerability, Anxiety, Grief and Trauma towards Stability, Understanding, Wisdom, Empowerment and Success. Jo can help you get your power back and Enjoy life again.

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Life Coaching

Move Forward Fearlessly towards Success & Financial Freedom!

It feels so Good to have Forward Movement, to feel like you are heading in the right direction, making Improvements, setting new Goals, embracing your own Creativity and achieving Success. There is nothing like the Delicious and Ecstatic feeling when you realise your Life’s Purpose or Passion. And you become Clearer, more Confident and Joyful in Realising which Direction you need to take, and what decisions need to be made. And that everything that you are Excited about is achievable and exciting.

Jo Thompson can help you to Discover your Path and together you can get Clearer about how to Achieve Success, gain Confidence, Embrace uncertainty to discover your strengths and allow your path to unfold. And it will be Heaps of Fun!

Jo Thompson has: her own Inner Guidance to help you, much knowledge and experience, lots of skills, tips, tricks and know-how to guide you towards success. Her Life and Business Experiences are extremely Valuable in supporting you towards Achieving your Goals. Its a Fantastic Journey!

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Ghost Busting & House Clearings

Feel Peaceful, Safe & Protected in your Space!

So you know something is going on, you’re feeling uneasy, its not pleasant and sometimes down right scary. You understand that you need Protection, that you want whatever is going on to be Gone but you are not sure how? Maybe nothing you have tried so far has worked.

So lets put all of your feelings, intuition, instinct, experiences into perspective. You are supposed to feel safe, stable and happy. What you are feeling needs to change so that you can feel Safe, Protected and get on with leading a Happy life.

Jo Thompson can help to clear out old, stuck, unpleasant, uncomfortable Energy, Entities, Spirits, Souls and anything else. Jo has been successful in clearing property, people, objects and anything else you care to name. Jo is Caring and Kind towards the living and those on the Other Side. It is a gentle and beautiful experience for all concerned so that everyone is set free so that we can all enjoy our lives and homes.

Jo Thompson has many decades of experience . And is highly Successful. Her previous Clearing and Cleansing work has changed everything for her Clients so everyone concerned is Safe and can lead stable happy lives.

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Aura & Chakra Photos

Have Fun & Discover your Energy Dynamic!

Its so much Fun to get your Aura & Chakra Photo done! And no one creates and interprets Aura & Chakra Photos like Jo Thompson.

You get to keep your full body Aura & Chakra photo and Jo Thompson provides you with lots of information so that you understand your photo such as what the Colours mean and the biology of your photo.

It is specific to you and your journey. It is a great tool for validating where you are in the present and to get direction about how your future is unfolding.

Kirlian photography has been around since 1939. The Aura and Chakra Photographic equipment measures the electra-dermal acitvity and electric conductivity of the skin of your hand and its temperature in real time. The equipment measures, analyses and processes the data and correlates with information to specific emotional and energetic states. Your Aura and Chakra image will change whenever an emotional, mental or physical change occurs. You can watch your Aura and Chakras change colour and shape Live on the Screen.

Jo Thompson loves providing Aura & Chakra Photos because they are so enlightening and validating. Jo Thompson has great skills to interpret your photo which include her psychic and intuitive abilities of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognisance, Angels and Guides.

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