2019 Astrological Calendar & Moon Planting Guide


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2019 Astrological Calendar & Moon Planting Guide

By Thomas Zimmer

This attractive and popular Astrological Calendar & Moon Planting Guide is a full colour wall chart which lists the daily Sun and Moon placements by Zodiac sign, along with the dates and astrological coordinates of new moons, full moons and eclipses.

It is had been hailed by many popular Australian personalities as “the best available in Australia”.

The moon calendar explains:

  • astrological and political overview for the year ahead
  • information on planting and gardening by the moon
  • how to get the most out your moon calendar by organising daily activities acccording to the sign and phase of the moon and the rise and fall of the seasons

This Calendar will help you to find a whole new sense of emotional and physical balance as you can choose the best dates to start new projects, arrange events and parties, relax at home and planning rituals.

Once you’ve tapped into lunar wisdom and cycles, life becomes easy, flowing and stress free.

The times listed on the calendar are for Australian East Coast times (Melbourne, Sydney) with automatic adjustments for daylight savings.  However, the calendar can be used in anywhere in the world by simply adding or subtracting the appropriate number of hours for the time zone.

Size:  74 cm tall x 60cm wide

About the Author:

Thomas Zimmer is not only an amazing Astrologer, he is quite remarkable in that he has no telephone, no fax machine, no website and no email address.

Thomas lives in an old farmhouse bordering the World Heritage listed Tweed Valley in the very bosom of Mother Nature complete with veggie garden, stream, solar power.  Thus by purchasing a Thomas’s calendar, you are not only supporting a visionary Australian, but you are also buying a year’s supply of moon wisdom from a pure source.