Angel Insight Pack Oracle Cards


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Angel Insight Pack Oracle Cards
Communicating with Angels can bring comfort, wisdom, and answers to life’s most significant questions.  Making contact couldn’t be simpler now, thanks to this beautifully presented gift set.  In addition to a deck of 52 specially commissioned inspirational cards (all with sumptuous four colour illustrations picked out with silver) it includes the stunning 80 page book Discovering Angel Energy, which explains how to contact Angels and invoke their assistance in your daily life.
Just choose a card and refer to the corresponding page in the book to find enlightening interpretations and affirmations.  The deck is arranged into four suits around the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel.  Each one is devoted to a different quality, from justice, protection and truth to peace, healing, and harmony.  Work with just one card or several, in easy to learn layouts that can help you solve problems, increase self awareness, or find spiritual light and guidance.  And because all the images have deep symbolic resonance, the cards can also be used as a basis for meditation.
The Angel Insight Pack is the perfect gift or self purchase for anyone who seeks to draw comfort, guidance, or inspiration from angelic wisdom.