Animal Dreaming Book


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Animal Dreaming Book

By Scott Alexander King, Australia

Ancient teachings suggest that we are capable of communing with the forces of nature and to speak readily to the animals, birds, reptiles, fish and even the insects.  If we listen carefully to what they have to say and take time to learn their symbolic language, the teachings say that everything is equal and that nature speaks to those who listen.  The animals each have a lesson to share.

Animal Dreaming is a unique opportunity to broaden your ability to interpret the symbolic language of the animal kingdom. This expanded and revised edition gives readers a comprehensive list of over 200 Australasian animals and introduces you to totems, teachers, healers and spiritual allies.

It provides ample guidelines for partaking in your own medicine walk with the ability to listen with your eyes, the chance to discover your own animal totem by means of a guided meditative journey and how to honour your totem once found.

The book illustrates quite concisely Australia’s seasonal wheel of the year, introduces you to what it means to be a feral Australian, while expansively listing the spiritual and symbolic interpretations of over 200 native, domesticated and introduced animals, birds, reptiles and fish.  Animal Dreaming is an Australian first and a must have for anyone interested in Earth Wisdom and rudimentary Shamanic Lore.