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In Focus Reiki Your Personal Guide Book

By Des Hynes

Join Reiki Master, Des Hynes, to learn the basics of this popular healing system and tap into your inner healer to reduce stress, depression, anxiety and physical pain in yourself and others.

Included inside the back cover are seven beautifully illustrated guided meditation cards based on the five Reiki principles.

Combined from the Japanese words Rei, meaning “God’s wisdom, universal life, or higher power” and Ki, meaning “life force or energy,” Reiki is the healing practice of balancing our “universal life energy” around our bodies.  Reiki was founded in the early twentieth century by Japanese Buddhist Monk, Mikao Usui, with the underlying belief that our bodies have the natural ability to heal, Reiki transfers healing energy by using the placement of hands to blocked areas.

Within an accessible, elegant design, In Focus Reiki covers the full breadth of Reiki topics, including:

  • Shoden: The first degree of Reiki study
  • Okuden: The second degree of Reiki study
  • Self-healing and the 21-day cleanse
  • How to conduct a healing session on others
  • The five Reiki principles and further degrees
  • Chakras and channels
  • Angels and spirit guides in Reiki

The In Focus series applies a modern approach to teaching the classic body, mind, and spirit subjects.

Authored by experts in their respective fields, these beginner’s guides feature smartly designed visual material that clearly illustrates key topics within each subject.

As a bonus, each book includes reference cards or a poster, held in an envelope inside the back cover, that give you a quick, go-to guide containing the most important information on the subject.