Book – Intuition: Keys to Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom


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Intuition: Keys to Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom Book

By Paul Fenton-Smith, Australia

Well developed intuition can help you to achieve success in love, career and your social life.  Discover the closely guarded secrets of a professional Clairvoyant through games and exercises as you learn these powerful psychic techniques.

At any moment in life, you stand between your footprints and your future.  Look back closely at where you have been, as your steps have led you here.  Glance ahead with confidence that in the end, your life journey is both a gift and a puzzle.  Strengthening your intuition helps you to understand this puzzle, which then allows you to enjoy your gift.

In simple steps, this book shows you how to strengthen your intuition.  You’ll also:

  • Discover your natural psychic strengths
  • Gradually master a range of effective intuitive techniques including telepathy, clairvoyance, seeing auras, intuitive dreams, meditation and sensing your best life direction
  • Recognise the importance of psychic cleansing and protection for psychic safety
  • Enjoy a range of games and exercises for improving your intuition
  • Value the ways you nourish your soul or psyche
  • Learn about the importance of psychic etiquette

This beautifully presented guide combines effective techniques with riveting examples from life to help you enjoy your unique journey towards improved intuition.

Full-colour throughout, with stunning colour photography and easy-to-follow colour charts.