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Mindful Witch Book:  A Daily Journal for Manifesting a Truly Magickal Life

By Jenn Stevens

A guided journal for the growing number of witchcraft practitioners.

Witches can’t control the world outside themselves without first mastering their own inner world.  It takes steady devotion and courage to practice this ancient craft.

The Mindful Witch is a meditative daily guide for witches of all levels to help them summon strength from within, focus their energy, and practice witchcraft in an empowering and effective way.  Whether its a crystal bath to restore their energy, a handmade tea to revive their passion, or a burning candle whose glow offers protection, each page offers tips and inspiration for everyday magick.

Reflective witches will enjoy plenty of space to write the day’s intentions and desires, craft spells, and track the phases of the moon so they can better harness its power and manifest their future.

With The Mindful Witch to guide you, you can add a satisfying dose of self-nourishment and craft to your daily life and conjure your best self.