Book of Runes Set – Book & Runes


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Book of Runes Set – Book & Runes

By Ralph Blum

Use this book and the Viking Runes to gain insight into your present and future.

Fully revised to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this international best seller, Ralph Blum’s classic work is now even more relevant as a tool for self help.

The three rune spread is one of the many ways to cast the Runes.  Selected any read from right to left, the Runes describe the overview of the situation, the challenge you are facing and the course of action called for.

Use the Runes as an aid to meditation, a game for fun, or as a tool for practical decision making.  The Book of Runes is a treasure companion for everyone seeking inner guidance.  Let the Runes illuminate your journey to self discovery.

Pack contains:

  • Hard cover book of interpretation with 152 pages
  • Rune stones with 25 clay like Runes
  • Drawstring velvet casting bag

About the Author:  Ralph H Blum is an Anthropologist and a student of the oracular tradition.