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Soul Collage Book – Pre-Loved

By Seena Frost

This package contains:  a book; 2x Blue Matt Boards; Card Frame; and 2x brochures.

SoulCollage is a process through which you contact your intuition and create an incredible deck of cards which have deep personal meaning and help you with life’s questions.

Following the simple SoulCollage directions, your hands move fragments of cut-out magazine pictures around, fitting them together in a surprising new way and gluing them down on a card.  This is a multi-leveled, creative process which anyone can do.

Cards containing the images you select come straight through your Soul, by passing your mind.

All you need is a good pair of scissors, pre-cut mat board cards, and images you can cut out from magazines, greeting cards, personal photos, postcards, catalogues, and calendars.

It is wonderful to have other people with whom to share the process.  The cards are fun to take to a friend’s house, to work with in therapy or support groups, or to keep on your coffee table.

About the book: Seena’s award winning book SoulCollage Evolving gives the basic instructions for how to make and do readings with SoulCollage cards, and describes how individuals and groups are using this process with different age groups and in many socioeconomic, cultural and religious contexts to discover their wisdom and change their World.

  • Basic instructions for how you can easily make and consult your own SoulCollage cards
  • Information about the three Transpersonal cards
  • How you can work with the language of symbols, dreams, and archetypes
  • How image, intuition, and imagination combine to let wisdom bubble up and answer your deepest questions.
  • Over 25 stories from Facilitators sharing the diverse ways they use SoulCollage personally and professionally
  • How to work with your cards

Excellent condition.