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Tarot MasterClass Book

By Paul Fenton-Smith, Australia

If you want the definitive guide to the tarot, this is it.

The deeper your understanding of tarot, the more the cards reveal.

Drawing on 22 years of professional tarot practice, Paul Fenton-Smith gives you the masterclass on reading the tarot.

Designed for beginners and accomplished readers, Tarot Masterclass provides:

  • an in-depth examination of the four suits
  • detailed meanings for each card, including health and financial aspects
  • colour charts for instant access to card meanings
  • how to interpret conflicting cards
  • a variety of spiritual and practical layouts
  • steps to strengthen your intuition when reading
  • guidance on when to effectively use the one-card cut
  • practical steps to psychic cleansing and protection.

Accessible and innovative, Tarot Masterclass also reveals what the court cards signify, an often neglected part of tarot, which adds depth to the interpretation of spreads.

It also covers the spiritual significance of each of the Major Arcana cards.

Paul’s use of real-life stories will help you grasp important points, and remember card meanings.

Whether learning tarot for personal development, or to read for others, Tarot Masterclass will assist you to become confident in this timeless skill.

About the Author:  Paul Fenton-Smith, Principal of the Academy of Psychic Sciences in Sydney since 1985, has been practising and teaching the tarot internationally since 1978. The author of eight books and a regular guest on radio and television, Paul’s writing style makes the tarot accessible.  Along with his private practice and teaching commitments at the Academy, Paul is a columnist and regular contributor to several magazines.