Counselling – 50 Mins with Jo Thompson

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Counselling Consultation for 50 Mins with Jo Thompson

Feeling Safe, Protected, Understood and Connected are important parts of being a Healthy Human Being.  Jo Thompson can help you to get your Stability and Power back, move forward in a Pleasing and Gentle manner to Enjoy life again.

Being Supported by someone who is Kind and Caring and encourages you to feel Heard and Hopeful, with a sense of Belonging and Connection is a Beautiful experience. This leads to Stability, Courage, Understanding and Empowerment . . . And ultimately an Exciting Life.

Jo Thompson encourages Respect, Dignity and Sincerity because she Cares. She will uphold you with Confidentiality and Honesty. And will walk with you towards Solutions Focused outcomes, Confidence and an Empowered Future.

Jo Thompson has a wealth of Life Experiences and Empathy that she draws on. She has Evolved through her own Journey of Vulnerability, Anxiety, Grief and Trauma towards Stability, Understanding, Wisdom, Empowerment and Success. Jo can help you get your power back and Enjoy life again.

Consultations can be by phone, video conferencing or face to face.

Call or Text now to book your appointment on 0414-706-205.  Please provide your preferred date and time.


Testimonial:  Our sessions with Jo were time and money well spent but, without sounding corny, it gave us a great deal more than that. Jo has a real gift and is very willing to share that gift generously. She is straight down the line but delivers her messages thoughtfully, compassionately and, when appropriate, with humour. I highly recommend her services and products.                     Kerry H, November 2010