Creature Teacher Oracle Cards


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Creature Teacher Oracle Cards

By Scott Alexander King, Australia

Being a kid in this modern world can be difficult at times; confusing, overwhelming and even a little frightening.

Its hard to know what decisions to make and what actions to take, because temptations, dares and opportunities lurk around every corner. There seems to be so much more for kids to be wary of, aware of and ready for these days things that their Parents, Guardians and Teachers never had to contend with when they were growing up.

Throughout the history of mankind, ancient cultures believed that we can communicate with and learn from the animals that each animal offers its own unique insights and teachings, which can greatly enrich and deepen our lives, assisting us in communing with the forces of nature.

Taking this ancient principle and adapting it into an easy to use oracle card set, the Creature Teacher Cards and the accompanying guidebook offer daily guidance, nurturing and practical support from the animal kingdom. It is specifically catered towards today’s young people, as they deal with real issues in a real and confronting world.

Drawing on the Author’s own life experiences as a child, and later as a Father, School Teacher and Mentor to troubled youth, this beautifully illustrated card set offers a powerful, passionate and to the point wisdom to gently encourage young people to heal the past, stand confidently in the present and embrace the future as empowered and inspired individuals.