Crystal Bracelet – Tanzanite & Amethyst Crystals in Sterling Silver


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Product Description

Crystal Bracelets – Tanzanite & Amethyst Crystals in Sterling Silver 

This beautiful Sterling Silver Bracelte is hand made in Australia with facited pieces of Tanzanite and Amethyst.

Tanzanite: Activates several chakras from the Heart to the Crown; links the mind with the heart; communication; speak truth; promotes compassion; raises consciousness; meditation; calms an overactive mind; brings peaceful understanding of one’s own heart.

Amethyst:  protects; enhances wisdom & spirituality; brings pleasant dreams; aids meditation; symbolizes piety; humility; sincerity & spiritual wisdom; worn by Healers; focuses energy; heals negativity; restores calmness; keeps air & life force clean & positive. Great for: blood; breathing.