Crystal Bracelets – Pebble – Chakra


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Crystal Bracelets – Pebble – Chakra

Red Jasper:  powerfully protective; very lucky; one of the oldest known gemstones (mentioned in Bible); for stability; gives courage to speak out and gain personal independence; balances emotions & energy of body; helps sense of smell; promotes physical energy.

Orange Calcite:  creativity; sexuality; moves positive energy; cleansing and energising; balances emotions; removes fear; overcomes depression; dissolves problems standing in the way of achieving your best potential;

Great for:  reproductive system; intestines; gallbladder; reduces mucous.

Yellow Calcite:  inspiration; intellect; organisation; thoughts; boosts energy levels; solar plexus chakra; increases personal power; self-worth; psychic abilities; meditation; channelling; intuitive awareness; shamanic work.

Great for:  stomach; upper intestines; upper back; upper spine.

Canadian Jade:  attracts love & money; establishes positive attitudes & creativity re money; strengthens mental faculties & assists in clear reasoning; protects & guards against accidents & misfortune.  A wonderful healing stone; promotes self-healing whilst working on underlying issues; helpful for kidney, heart & stomach.

Amazonite:  balances feminine & masculine; promotes kindness & practicality; excellent for artists; known as the lucky “Hope Stone”; helps with hopes & dreams; balances emotions & physical stamina.

Lapis Lazuli:  brings clarity to the mind; powerful & protective; used for mediation & channelling; symbol of truth; purifies & cleanses body; opens chakras esp throat re communication.

Amethyst:  protects, enhances wisdom & spirituality; brings pleasant dreams; aids meditation; symbolizes piety, humility, sincerity & spiritual wisdom; worn by Healers; focuses energy; aids blood & breathing; keeps air & life force clean & positive; heals negativity; restores calmness.