Crystal Cluster – Vera Cruze Amethyst


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Crystal Specimen – Vera Cruze Amethyst 

Natural cluster Vera Cruze, Mexico.  Very dark points, fantastic clarity.

Size:  8mm tall, 1.5cm wide.

Vera Cruze Amethyst:  becoming more difficult to aquire because the mine has been reportedly closed for many years, amazing luster and clarity, higher vibration than other amethyst, strong spiritual focus, enhances Third Eye Chakra, activates Pineal Gland, connects with higher self, balances left & right brain, accelerate spiritual growth, enhances humility, awareness of spiritual journey, clarity/luster/laser focus makes it brilliant for protection, achieves meditative states, attains/mantains “Beta” state, activates Heart Chakra, promotes Universal love, deeper sense of appreciation of mundane activities.