Crystals Engraved – Rose Quartz with Triquetra


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Crystals Engraved – Rose Quartz with Triquetra

About the Triquetra:  Originally meant “triangle”.   Also known as a “trinity knot”, where in Ireland, it was traditional for a man to give a loved one a trinket to signifying his affection towards her. It is believed to represent the three promises of a relationship such as to love, honour and protect.  It is found in art, metal work and manuscripts such as the Book of Kells, Celtic crosses and slabs from the early Christian period.

The Christians used it to signify the Blessed Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).  It recalled the three-leafed shamrock which was similarly offered as a Trinity symbol by Saint Patrick and has been used on Christian sculpture, vestments, book arts and stained glass.  And has even been used on the title page and binding of some editions of the New King James Bible. A common representation of the symbol is with a circle that goes through the three interconnected loops of the Triquetra where the circle emphasizes the unity of the whole combination of the three elements and symbolize God’s love around the Holy Trinity.

For Wiccans it symbolizes the Triple Goddess, as a protective symbol and represents the division of realms of land, sea and sky.  It has been found on Runestones in Northern Europe and on early Germanic coins.  And bears a resemblance to the Valknut, a symbol associated with Odin.