Donate Your Pre-Loved Books, Crystals, Oracle/Tarot Cards, etc


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Donate Your Pre-Loved books, crystals, oracle/tarot cards, etc

Donations are warmly accepted for Spiritual Products.

If you have items for which you would like to find good homes . . . Awakening Lotus can help.

Please text me on 0414-706-205 and I shall call you back to chat about how to donate.

A good Spring Clean can help you to clear out old energy and create space for your transformation to a whole new level . . . we are all changing and evolving.

This is very helpful for lots of our customers who need a bit of help and a good Bargain (if you know what I mean).

So bring on in to Awakening Lotus shop your beautiful pre-loved items (such as books, tarot cards, oracle cards, crystals, ornaments . . . well just about anything that you know someone else might love) and we will find fabulous new homes for them.

Building a supportive Spiritual Community . . . Thank you very much for your support.