Dreams Of Magic Book


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Dreams Of Magic Book

By Michele-Lee Phelan, Australia

A beautiful padded Hardcover Artbook with 112 pages featuring the stunning artwork of Michele-lee Phelan with some of her poetic writings and reflections on the seen and unseen worlds within the Universe.  It also features an extensive interview with the Artist and an intriguing step by step walkthrough of the creation of one of her paintings from start to finish.

About the Author:  “Michele-lee Phelan is an artist of power, intelligence and imagination.  She is an Artist and Alchemist who deeply believes in her subject matter, and whose sacred task is to reconnect us all with visions of the Divine, in its myriad forms of tree, deity, dryad or Dragon.  Every work has a soul, every brushstroke returns magick to our modern world.  To gaze upon her creations is to sit with the greatest of Teachers:  one whose work combines beauty and meaning, the cosmos and the underworld, male and female, and the seen and unseen worlds. Buy this book.  To do so is to know once again what power exists in this Universe.” by Lucy Cavendish.