Eckhart Tolle’s Findhorn Retreat CD & Book Set


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Eckhart Tolle’s Findhorn Retreat CD & Book Set

By Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle, renowned for the simple and powerful truths in his bestselling books, The Power of Now and Stillness Speaks, led an extraordinary two day retreat at Findhorn, Scotland, the renowned community on the leading edge of personal and global transformation.

When Tolle came to Findhorn, true magic happened, and the whole weekend was captured on video and carefully edited down to a four hour, two disc set that creates a deeply moving experience for viewers.

Tolle provides simple tools for transformation; the clear guidance needed to deeply realize the magic of every moment.  He speaks on the subject of stillness and shows how to find stillness in the present moment and enter a deeper dimension of peace and fulfilment.