Energy Healing – 50 Mins with Jo Thompson

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Energy Healing Consultation for 50 Mins with Jo Thompson

Feeling Vibrant and Healthy is Important for a Happy Life.

Jo Thompson can help you achieve good health by Clearing, Balancing and Strengthening your body Energetically as well as providing Guidance on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies so that you understand what is necessary for Optimal Health.

Jo helps you to move towards great Health by Balancing your Energy Fields, Aura & Chakras on all levels of your existence. Jo uses her gifts of Intuition, Reiki, Angels, Channelling Energy, Crystals, Herbs, Cleansing Tools, Essential Oils, Cards, Mediumship, Past Life, Manifestation, Prayer and Love.

Jo Thompson is not a licensed medical Doctor. Seeking medical advice through a licensed practitioner is recommended. Taking responsibility for your own health, decisions and actions is Imperitive. Jo Thompson can bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual to provide a holistic approach.

Allow yourself to relax and rest easy as you are in a safe place.  Feel yourself surrounded by the loving presence of Angels and their protection of you.  Know that you are Divinely guided at all times.

The Divine Energy Healing is directed by your Higher Self.  That part of you that instinctively knows what is best for you.  You receive what you need, where and when you need it.

The Divine Energy Healing is a beautiful way to move out anything that is not serving you for your highest good and replace it with loving energy in a positive and gentle way.  Being supported by your Angels and guides.  You can’t go wrong.  Blessed Be.

Consultations can be by phone, video conferencing or face to face.

Call or Text now to book your appointment on 0414-706-205.  Please provide your preferred date and time.


Testimonial:  Our sessions with Jo were time and money well spent but, without sounding corny, it gave us a great deal more than that. Jo has a real gift and is very willing to share that gift generously. She is straight down the line but delivers her messages thoughtfully, compassionately and, when appropriate, with humour. I highly recommend her services and products.                     Kerry H, November 2010