Essential Oil – Bergamot


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Product Description

Essential Oil – Bergamot

Size:  12ml

Country of Origin:  Italy

Part of Plant:  Peel

Bergamot (Citrus Bergamia) Essential Oil is good for:

  • relaxation and uplifting
  • relieving anxiety, stress, tension, depression
  • restoring balance eg physical, emotional, mental, spiritual
  • strengthening the immune system
  • sedative, antidepressant and balancing hypothalamus
  • calming frustration and anger by minimizing the sympathetic nervous system responsible for fight or flight
  • regaining self-confidence
  • antibiotic eg combats infection, relieves inflammation
  • digestive
  • respiratory
  • inhibits viruses eg chicken pox, cold sores
  • increases appetite eg anorexia
  • antiseptic properties eg acne, oily or infected skin, eczema and psoriasis

Warning:  Bergamot should not be used:

  • undiluted on the skin because it may cause skin irritation
  • worn on skin in direct sunlight because it is phototoxic and will burn the skin
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