Essential Oil – Lavandin

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Product Description

Essential Oil – Lavandin Lavandin is a hybrid between Lavender Angustifolia and Lavender Latifolia Essential Oil: has a light floral yet aroma similar to Lavender Oil but a little just sharper and it is clear in colour is a hybrid plant developed in 1900 by crossing true lavender (L Angustifolia) with Spike Lavender or Aspic (L Latifolia) is a larger plant than Lavender with a woody stem and blue or gray flowers is grown extensively in France and often preferred by the perfume industry for its oil and the flowers for sachets, potpourri and craft work antidepressant antiseptic analgesic cicatrisan expectorant and eases the lungs eg coughs, colds and flu nervine useful in cases of muscle stiffness eg aches and pains vulnerary