Ghost Whisperer Book


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Ghost Whisperer Book

By Caterina Ligato, Australia

Ghost Whisperer is a true life journey into a world of psychic attacks, hauntings and demonic interference.   Caterina’s personal story and perspective demystifies many of the myths surrounding psychic energy and sheds much needed light on the often disturbing paranormal phenomena of lost souls, spirit possession and occult malpractice.

In Ghost Whisperer, Caterina describes her journey as a young girl who at the age of 3 discovered she could see spirits.  Caterina talks about how, for over 20 years, she has developed her psychic abilities to become one of the country’s leading healers.  Caterina also describes her experiences when working to heal lost souls and provides her personal insight into black magic and demonic exorcisms.  Using compelling case studies taken from her own work in Australia and overseas, Caterina provides readers with an in-depth understanding of the influences that both negative and positive energy can have on people’s everyday lives, relationships and business success.

“A fascinating book that puts the paranormal into perspective once and for all!  She is a ghost whisperer, medium and exorcist rolled into one.  Caterina Ligato is a gifted psychic who has been quietly and steadily performing little miracles for those who choose to consult her on other-worldly matters.” Urban Life Magazine

A number one bestseller for 15 consecutive weeks, Ghost Whisperer delves into Caterina’s fascinating life and explores the close link that exists between this world and the next.  The powerful insight offered by Ghost Whisperer has been widely covered in the media including National TV, National Press and a wide range of Magazines.