Healing with the Animals CD


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Healing with the Animals CD

By Scott Alexander King, Australia

To most, the word medicine automatically brings to mind pharmaceuticals prescribed by a Doctor to make ill people well again.  And to all intents and purposes, this description is correct.  But, if the truth be told, this modern concept of medicine is one that is rooted deeply in ancient understanding.

At one point in time, it was believed that to experience an animal by chance and to have that animal share its wisdom on a spiritual level was like being offered aspects of its strength and power, or its medicine, which is energetic knowledge potent enough to inspire and instigate lasting change in the form of healing.  And with this thought in mind, its easy to appreciate how animals have aided humanity in its healing processes since the dawn of time.

The Shamans and medicine men/women of tribal traditions believed that by calling in the medicine of certain animals, illness, fevers and disease could be banished forever, a notion that has stood the test of time to be recorded in the contents of this CD, so that you, the seeker, can practise it in today’s modern world.