Herbs – Job’s Tears


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Herbs – Job’s Tears

Used for Wishes. (Carry to fulfil ones wishes in a bag or as a wish necklace.)

Healing with Herbs – Magickal Herbs for Spiritual Practices and their Uses

Herbs and plants contain wonderful minerals and nutrients but they also have magical healing powers for healing, spells, potions, rituals and cleansing and they have been used successfully since Ancient times.

Plant Magic can be used in many ways including:

Charms and Sachets:  Herbs can be added to a bag or tied up in small cloth bundles. They can be carried in a purse, stuffed in a pocket, tucked beneath a pillow, hidden in an attic, laid upon an altar or kept in a special or sacred place.

Incense:  Herbs can be grounded and blended in numerous combinations to create aromatic incenses. You can create an incense stick or can simply sprinkle the blended dried herbs over a hot charcoal in a fireproof therrible.

Baths and Washes:  Herbs can be dropped into bathwater in tea balls, bundles or sprinkled directly into your water. You can also add herbs to the water that you use to scrub your floors or anything that needs to be cleaned.

Teas:  Making a delicious old fashioned pot of tea is a delightful way to enjoy your herbs.

Oils:  You can heat oil over the stove or in a cast iron cauldron on the stovetop and add the herbs to it, heating it just enough to release their scent and healing energy. Or you can fill a jar with oil, herbs and any object you like and leave the jar in the sunlight or moonlight to charge with energy.

Smoking:  Shamans have smoked herbs for the purpose of cleanings and vision questing for millions of years.

Warning:  Many herbs are poisonous, by any means, including eating, drinking, ingesting, smelling or smoking. Some herbs are poisonous to the skin and other senses where the poison can be absorbed directly by touch or inhalation. Therefore, do not ingest; feed to anyone else; or handle any herb with your bare hands. Do not ingest or smoke illegal or dangerous herbs for any reason. Some herbs are very dangerous and can cause miscarriages, etc, so be careful and use common sense!