Hypnosis for A Sober Life CD


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Hypnosis for A Sober Life CD

By Rick Collingwood

Hypnosis Can Help With Alcoholism.  Quit or reduce drinking alcohol or alcoholism easily and comfortably to your desired level through this proven CD hypnosis program.  Overcome the addiction to drinking and situations that make you feel like over indulging to give you the power and control to make the decisions that are best for you.  This powerful program will allow you to stop over drinking and to take control of your life.

Alcohol addiction is both a physical and mental affliction.  Using this CD will allow you to address the driving emotions that make you want to drink by allowing you to connect and deal with the source of the problem within your subconscious mind.  The program will also help you address the physical cravings for a drink by allowing you to connect your mind with your body, in turn allowing the physical responses which are triggered from your brain to subside and give you the ability to create a switch to deal with the addiction more easily.

As with any addiction, alcohol addiction can be triggered from past experiences, present thought patterns and deep seeded decision making processes.  This hypnosis program will allow you to take control of these facets and give you the power to say NO to drinking alcohol when you know that it is not the right way of dealing with a particular problem.  It will help you break the cycle of reaching for a drink when you are faced with pressure by guiding you through more positive alternatives than simply drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.  It will allow you to deal with stress, discomfort, emotional attachments and past traumas in a natural way through powerful realignment techniques as an alternative to automatically reaching for alcohol when things become too much.

Hypnosis is a proven way of disassociating certain situations that make you want to drink alcohol such as when you are bored, wanting to celebrate, socialising, to help you talk to the opposite sex or simply to switch off after a hard day at work.  If you feel that your level of drinking exceeds your own boundaries and creates a problem for you during these certain situations, then this CD will allow you to create a switch to completely eliminate the desire for alcohol or to simply create a switch which makes it easy for you to stop drinking after you know that you have hit a certain point.

Whether you have problems with excessive indulgence as a social drinker, drinking on your own or a serious alcohol addiction that you want to get rid of, this hypnosis program is a trialled and proven way of simply changing your decision to drink excessively.

Running Time: 58mins: 10secs


  1. Introduction
  2. Hypnosis Session

Warning:  This program improves the quality of life.  it does not cure any disease, and it is not intended to replace medical advice or medical care.  If in doubt consult your physician.