Hypnosis for Insomnia Cure CD


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Hypnosis for Insomnia Cure CD

Overcome Insomnia with Hypnosis!  Never lay awake at night again. Easily move beyond the insidious curse of insomnia.

Hypnosis fundamentally switches off the conscious mind which is the same part of the mind that keeps you awake when you are trying to sleep.  At the same time hypnotherapy is a means of communicates directly with your subconscious mind which is the same part of your mind that can wake you up intermittently throughout the night so that you do not get your recommended amount of sleep.  Therefore this CD will actually help you sleep automatically by switching off your conscious mind and instill triggers to stay asleep throughout the night on a subconscious level.

This program is ideal if you:

  • Lie awake of a night time when you are trying to sleep
  • Constantly wake up throughout the night
  • Over think too much and just simply cannot go to sleep
  • Your partner keeps you awake: ie snoring, restlessness
  • If you are a shift worker with irregular sleeping times
  • If your sleeping patterns simply mean that you are always tired during the day

Running Time: 55mins: 21secs


  1. Introduction
  2. Hypnosis

Warning:  This program improves the quality of life.  it does not cure any disease, and it is not intended to replace medical advice or medical care.  If in doubt consult your physician.