Incense Cones – Sandalwood Back Flow (Satya)


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Product Description

Sandalwood Back Flow Cones (Satya)

Our backflow incense cones create a beatutiful waterfall effect as the smoke blows down insead of up.

Our incenses have a subtle aroma that helps calm the mind.  And are used in the home, backyard, offices, places of worship, temples, mosques.  Incense, cones and sticks typically complement prayer, soothing, yoga, healing, romance, meditation and aromatherapy.
All of our incense cones are made with 100% natural plant based fragrances with asolutely no animal products and no harmful chemicals.  They are made in India and hand crafted to perfection by artisans according to ancient traditional recipes and fragrance blends with pure and natural ingredients such as sandalwood powder, honey, resins, wood gums, herbs, flowers and essential oils.

Our products are famous for their superior performance and fine quality.

Please store the incenses in a dry cool place preferably in its original sealed packaging or in an air-tight container.