Incense Sticks – Archangel Michael (Goloka) – 15g


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Archangel Michael (Goloka) – 15g

Heaven is very organised, with all celestial beings having specific jobs to do.  Each one of these magnificent beings works for the many rays of God.

Each Archangel has a speciality and is dedicated to doing their best to ease our burdon.  We can pray, ask for help or invoke these celestial beings for guidance with out needs, desires and wishes.  They are always there to help in a positive and loving way.

Any of the Archangels can help and guide you in your the spritual quests.

Archangel Michael is the Protector.  He will keep you safe.

About Goloka:

Goloka Seva Trust gives 100% of its profits to charitable causes such as:  providing meals and education for underprivileged children, and aiding students with scholarships. Thank you for participating in making their future better.

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This product is not tested on animals.