Live Love Laugh Book


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Live Love Laugh Book

Are you living the life your want, but find yourself too busy to make any meaningful change? Have you created SHRR in your life? When you simply feel Stuck in your Habits and Routines, resulting in a Rut  (SHRR).

If you’re looking to make change in your life, then this high energy, fun-filled soul nurturing book is for you! Experience more fun, joy and zest to radiate an energy that attracts the things you desire!

Live Love Laugh is full of wonderful tips and ideas to take you from overwhelmed to calm.  Every page gives another idea that can be implemented gradually into life. This wonderful book of ideas can be read all at once or just one page at a time.

Cyndi OMeara, bestselling author, nutritionist & international speaker. The power to change your life is inside you, right now. Live Love Laugh reveals how you can bring it out and get you moving towards your dreams and enjoying the journey one day at a time.

Pat Mesiti, bestselling author, international speaker, business & prosperity coach.

Michelle, Janette and Terri, authors, motivators and life coaches are everyday women who walk their talk. Through their collective experiences, they are enthusiastic and committed to igniting the passion in women.