Memories of the Afterlife Book


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Memories of the Afterlife Book

By Michael Newton

Dr Michael Newton, PhD, best selling Author of “Journey of Souls”,” Destiny of Souls” and “Life Between Lives”, returns as the Editor and Analyst of a series of amazing case studies that highlight the profound impact of spiritual regression on people’s everyday lives.

These fascinating true accounts have been handpicked and presented by Hypnotherapists certified by the Newton Institute.  They feature case studies of real people embarking on life changing spiritual journeys after recalling their memories of the afterlife:

  • reuniting with soul mates and personal spirit guides
  • discovering the ramifications of life and body choices
  • love relationships
  • dreams by communing with their immortal souls.

As gems of self-knowledge are revealed, dramatic epiphanies result, enabling these ordinary people to understand adversity in their lives, find emotional healing, realize their true purpose,and forever enrich their lives with new meaning.