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Celtic Astrology Mini Chart

Learn how to recognise personality types the easy way with the Celtic Astrology Mini Chart.

Celtic Astrology is the Ancient study of the positions and aspects of the moon and the influence it has on our human affairs, personality and character. Celtic Astrology is divided into 13 Lunar Months. This handy Mini Chart introduces Celtic Astrology and their divinatory meanings.

This concise and useful Mini Chart shows 10 Essential areas:

  1. Examines the 13 Lunar Months
  2. Beautiful illustrations of each of the 13 Lunar Trees and Animals
  3. Compares the Celtic Lunar Year and the Traditional Zodiac Year
  4. States the dates of each Lunar Month
  5. Identifies the Tree associated with each Lunar Month and explains its meaning or symbology
  6. Outlines the Ogham (Sacred Shamanic) word for each Lunar Month
  7. Shows the Planetary Ruler
  8. Explains the Druic Animal with illustration and explanation of its symbology
  9. Identifies the Ruling Deity
  10. And more . . .

A very useful tool for anyone who is interested or wants to learn about Celtic Astrology. Printed and protection coated on both sides.

Size: 16cm x 23.5cm