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Sushi Mini Chart

Learn about Sushi, the Japanese delicacies that are culinary delights the easy way with the Sushi Mini Chart.

Sushi is a Japanese food consisting of sushi rice, also known as sushi-meshi which is cooked vinegared rice and is combined with other ingredients such as fish, seafood, egg, vegetables and sometimes raw foods to make Sushi. This handy Mini Chart introduces Sushi and their culinary potential.

This concise and useful Mini Chart shows 8 Essential areas:

  1. Examines the 20 types of Sushi
  2. Identifies the Japanese names, the food used in the Sushi
  3. Shows an explanation of the how the Sushi is prepared and how to eat it
  4. Outlines the nutritional details of Sushi
  5. Lists the common types of Sushi and Sushi Rolls
  6. Sets out the terms and accompaniments for Sushi
  7. Explains the History and Manners or etiquette regarding Sushi
  8. And more . . .

A very useful tool for anyone who is interested or wants to learn about Sushi.

Printed and protection coated on both sides.

Size: 16cm x 23.5cm