Mini Chart – Vitamins And Minerals


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Vitamins And Minerals Mini Chart

Learn about Vitamins and Minerals to attain Good Health and Nutrition the easy way with the Vitamins and Minerals Mini Chart.

Vitamins are organic compounds that are essential for normal growth and nutrition. They are required in small quantities in your diet because they cannot be synthesized by the body.

Minerals are naturally occurring, inorganic substances that are essential for human life, which play a role in many vital metabolic processes. This handy Mini Chart introduces 34 Vitamins and Minerals and their health benefits.

This concise and useful Mini Chart shows 7 Essential areas:

  1. Examines the 17 Vitamins and the 17 Minerals
  2. Identifies the health benefits for the body of each of the Vitamins and Minerals
  3. Lists the natural food sources of each of the Vitamins and Minerals
  4. Outlines the Recommended Daily Intake of each of the Vitamins and Minerals
  5. Features the toxicity level of each of the Vitamins and Minerals
  6. States the groups that are at risk of not receiving the recommended daily intake of the Vitamins and Minerals
  7. And more . . .

A very useful tool for anyone who is interested or wants to learn about Vitamins and Minerals.

Printed and protection coated on both sides.

Size: 16cm x 23.5cm