Mythic Oracle Cards


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Mythic Oracle Cards

By Carisa Mellado and Michele-Lee Phelan, Australia

The Greek myths are the stories of mankind.  They are the reflection of human nature and human cycles and it is through these stories that we can come to better understand ourselves.

The Mythic Oracle brings these timeless stories and symbols into the modern world, providing you with a tool you can use daily to gently guide you through the cycles of life in matters of love, career, creativity, family, spirituality and personal awareness, allowing you to move through lifes challenges with greater clarity, awareness and ease, so you can live a clear, focused and fulfilling life.

Exquisitely illustrated, The Mythic Oracle will give you deeper insight into understanding what is happening in your life, what is needed and what comes next.  The included guidebook features a description of the myths, their divinatory interpretations and a range of card spreads which will allow you to give accurate readings to yourself and others.