Nile Lotus Incense (Hem) – 20g


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Nile Lotus Incense (Hem) – 20g

The lotus flower is a symbol of purity and enlightenment.  In India it is believed that the Goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi, was born on a lotus.

Nile Lotus Incense has a light, delicious, fresh and sweet flavor.  It helps you to understand your own nature and desires, giving freshness to the body and senses, and relieving fatigue.  Nile Lotus Incense inspires thought and encourages spiritual development.  It smooths depression and melancholy and heightens intuition.  It also protects against the evil eye and spoilage.

Hand rolled in India. 20g Hexagonal box = 20 sticks. These Incense Sticks are part of the Floral Range.

The Hem Brand: “In India, simplicity and culture is not only in the heart of the people, it is in the air too. HEM offers wide range of Incense Sticks that will aromatize your surrounding which will create a perfect and awesome ambience. Our Incense Sticks creates a paradisiacal effect.

We are the leading exporters, manufacturer and supplier of Incense Sticks, Dhoops Cones and Agarbatti. Over the period of 3 decades we have successfully manufactured and marketed our assorted aroma of agarbatti across the globe. Incense sticks created at HEM Corporation is created with total passion and dedication to mesmerize your sense to no end. Our talent and our aroma technology is reflected in our innovative and wide product variety and ever growing customers around the world.

At HEM Corporation, we strive to deliver genuine handcrafted Indian Incense across the world. A variety of fragrances that blend with every culture and tradition.” Hem Corporation