Oracle Bag & Tarot Bag – Crystal Ball


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Oracle Bag & Tarot Bag – Crystal Ball

Artwork by Anne Stokes

Keeping your Oracle or Tarot Cards safe and energetically protected is important.  These beautiful silk bags, which help to hold your energy, feature beautiful artwork, are lined and have a black silk draw string.  They are a beautiful accompaniment to your new deck.

Size:  18cm x 26cm.

About this Artwork:  “Crystal Ball” features a mysterious and mystical Sorceress as she works some potent spell over her powerful crystal ball. She wears a simple red dress, although not much of it can be seen past the crystal ball, her skin is pale, which attractively contrasts the two-toned black and red of her hair. A dragon choker wraps her neck and a simple circlet adorns her head. Her crystal ball sits on a grand golden stand, and depicts the scene of a flying dragon which her little red dragon companion watches eagerly from below.