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Crystal Connections Message Oracle Cards

By Adam Barralet, Australia

Mother Nature communicates to us in many ways, lovingly guiding us through our lives.

The messages from crystals can help us to find our way towards a path of love, peace and harmony.

The Crystal Connections Message Cards are a set of 70 cards depicting beautifully photographed crystals, each one accompanied by a message channelled from that crystal just for you.

The palm-sized affirmation-style Message Cards are perfect to carry in your pocket or handbag everywhere you go.  These cards are ideal to use when you need quick and easy guidance or a daily affirmation.

Illustrated on one side with a short message on the other, the mini message cards are ideal for spontaneous readings given on public transport, while travelling with friends or family, when stopping for a coffee, or whenever you are in need of quick and easily accessible personal guidance.

70 Cards with Instructions for Use

Card Size:  7cm x 10.5cm