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Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Holy Amethyst –
Angels of Freedom and Transmutation – Violet Ray

Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Amethyst work on the seventh ray, which is violet, and represents transmutation and purification through invocation-the act of calling upon the presence of God for intercession.  The archangels of the violet ray intensify the powers of mercy, compassion, forgiveness and freedom.

Residing in the seat-of-the-soul chakra (which is just below the navel), the violet ray governs the miracle of transformation.  The archangels of this ray share a retreat called the Temple of Purification, located over Cuba in the Caribbean.  Together they imbue all earthly beings with the desire and power to free themselves and all mankind from self-created and self-inflicted negativity and limitation.  The violet ray, sometimes called the freedom ray, is magnified on Saturday.

Zadkiel is the angel of benevolence, mercy and memory, according to Davidson’s, A Dictionary of Angels.  Some writers say it was Zadkiel who held back Abraham’s arm when the patriarch was about to sacrifice his son Isaac.  Ronner’s Know Your Angels, has Zadkiel’s symbol as the sacrificial knife, apparently because of his interlude with Abraham.

Zadkiel and Amethyst’s ray, which manifests as the violet flame, has an important role in alchemy, the chemistry of the Middle Ages.  Through fire, alchemists of the 16th century learned it was possible to transform base metals into gold.  This lesson can be applied on many levels.  The science of transmutation and change, in theological terms, is the process of transforming lower human consciousness to a higher spiritual vibration.

Isaac Newton discovered that a ray of sunlight passing through a prism will separate into seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.  The color violet has the shortest wavelength but the highest frequency of visible light in the color spectrum.  It is the transitional vibration leading to the next octave of color and light.

When we talk about transforming ourselves spiritually, we must think of the power of the violet flame.

The violet flame is like the spiritual wine of forgiveness, for it represents the quality of mercy in the world.  Through the power of forgiveness, fear and anger are transformed back into love as if nothing discordant ever happened.  The violet flame is also called the “violet transmuting flame of forgiveness”.

Forgiveness is not always easy.  When angry, we blame, we resent and we hate.  These painful feelings do not just go away.  But the archangels of the violet ray will intercede if we express the desire to forgive.  If we do not know how to forgive ourselves or those we call enemy, God knows and God will show us the way.  You need only to try.  Ask for the gift of forgiveness by calling upon Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Amethyst.

Understanding and forgiveness are universal solvents.  They will take the heart of your trouble, which is fear, and transform it into peace, truth and love.

Fear is the opposite of love.  It is present in every form of discord.  It wears the faces of guilt, hate, resentment, anger, anxiety and blame.  They are all forms of fear and all can be replaced by love.  The violet flame accomplishes the perfect work of truth that sets men and women free from disharmony.  When negative emotions are held within the body, the outcome is often a lack of ease, or “dis-ease”.  This can manifest in the body or in the mind. Illness is one result of negativity taken “to heart” in the body.

God’s alchemy is within and around us.  The divine energy of God is the transformer and the universal unguent, allowing us to move our thought and actions into a place where only love is left.  The violet flame is freedom’s flame of transmutation.  It contains the Holy Spirit’s power to transmute the cause and core of density, sin and negative karma.  Of course, this is not all happening on the conscious plane.  Faith is necessary to feel God’s forces working inside our atoms and cells, along with the divine spark in our heart.

Inner peace and harmony show outwardly as a result of changing and reshaping our negative thoughts and actions.  We then easily move through negative situations by mastering the power of our own consciousness.  By visualizing the violet flame, the action of forgiveness and the Holy Spirit, we can use this divine transforming chemistry to change our world.

The special crystal jewel, the amethyst, is thought to be the symbolic condensation of the violet ray.  It is the birthstone for the astrological sign of Aquarius, the sign representing freedom and the coming of the “new clear age of consciousness” on this planet.

The seventh ray governed by Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst is an aspect of the Holy Spirit, also referred to as “the comforter”.  It comes from the center of the white flame of God’s potent love.  It combines the blue flame of faith with the pink flame of love, to create the spiritual salve of forgiveness.

For further information:
   • “Angels of Love and Light” by Linn Fisher