Resin – Pine Granules (15g) USA


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Resin & Wood Incense – Pine Granules (15g) USA

About Pine Resin – has a mild citrus-like, green, balsamic fragrance.  It is a symbol of strength and used for cleansing.

Pine resin has a mild citrus-like, green, balsamic fragrance.   It is native to Australia and islands of the Pacific.  The plants do especially well in wind-swept locations, and are widely planted as wind-breaks, although usually not in agricultural situations.

The tree’s root nodules are known to fix nitrogen and is prized for its ability to increase the soil’s fertility. Its abundant leaf-fall is high in nitrogen and valued for mulch.

The gum exuded from some casuarinas is edible and was a food source for Aboriginal people.

Native Americans used pine in their incense mixtures and chewed it to treat throat infections. They also used the resin to heal wounds and bruises.  Pine is believed to be strengthening and cleansing and has long been held sacred in many cultures.

In the ancient book, Natural Science, Hildegard von Bingen wrote of pine: “The pine tree is more warm than cold and contains energies and powers. The tree is a symbol for strength.”

The wood of this tree is used for shingles, fencing, and is said to make excellent, hot burning, firewood.