Revelations Tarot Set – Cards Deck & Book


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Revelations Tarot Set – Cards Deck & Book

By Zach Wong

The Ultimate Solution to reading reversed Tarot cards.

Many feel that interpreting reversals, the upside down cards in a tarot spread, offers additional depth and insight to readings. But reversals are not easy for those who haven’t mastered this age old divination practice.

Revelations Tarot makes it easy for beginners to use simple reversals too.  Whether you are new to divination or an experienced professional, working with reversed Tarot cards is always a challenge.

After all, the image is upside-down and everything appears, well, reversed.  How can you possibly work with such inverted symbols?  Zach Wong has come up with the ultimate solution.

Each card of this exquisite deck has reversible images that allow for interpretation no matter which way the card is laid.

He presents different symbolism on the bottom part of the card, so it appears upright when the card is inverted.  This is like having a 156-card deck while only using 78 cards.

There is much more to this deck than just ease with reading reversals.  All of the characters wear masks.  This shows them to be similar to mythical deities who assume human form and stand among us to make their spiritual messages easier for us to understand.

Similarly, they make the message of the cards easier to comprehend.

These cards, with their stained glass imagery, match the traditional RWS interpretations.

Striking imagery, bearing a sophisticated stained glass style with illuminated colours, enliven all the major and minor arcana of this innovative, that match the traditional Rider Waite interpretations.

Wong, however, has added his own twists that energize and add additional meaning to the RWS concepts.

You can bring these additional insights into your divinations with any Tarot.

This is a beautiful, unique, and powerful deck that matches and expands upon traditional Tarot ideas.

The new realizations and revelations you will get when you use this deck for divination or meditation validate the name and give another reason for you to use this deck regularly.

Ideal for meditation, study, and divination, treat this deck as something special . . . because it is!

Divinatory meanings of the cards and their reversals, along with several spreads, are provided in the accompanying Revelations Tarot Companion.