Seven Sacred Flames Book


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Seven Sacred Flames Book

By Aurelia Louise Jones

This 280 page hard cover book, printed on high quality glossy paper is published in full colour and gilded in gold. It also contains a gold ribbon bookmark to hold your place.

It contains 16 colour pictures of the Masters of Wisdom, mainly those representing the Guardians of the Sacred Flames, and 7 colour pictures of Sacred Geometry. It contains seven main chapters: 1 chapter for each one of the 7 main Sacred Flames. It ends with a section offering invocations to each of the flames.

It contains Pearls of Wisdom and Knowledge that will assist those seeking to attain Christ Consciousness and Ascension.

We wish to express our deepest gratitude to Aurelia for bringing forth, with our assistance, these Pearls from the depth of her heart and soul for the benefit of enlightenment of humanity.