The Journey Book


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The Journey Book

By Brandon Bays

This is a book about Freedom…

All of us sense that deep inside lies huge potential. We long to experience it, yet something holds us back. We long to set ourselves free, but we don’t know how. In this book, you finally learn how.

When Brandon Bays was diagnosed with a basketball-sized tumor in her uterus, she was catapulted into an extraordinary, soul searching journey. Determined to heal naturally, she took no drugs, underwent no surgery; but six and-a-half weeks later she was declared tumor-free. Going beyond current mind-body wisdom, she discovered a powerful means to get direct access to the soul – the unconditional love, the boundless peace, the living presence within us – and pioneered a revolutionary paradigm for healing. Tens of thousands worldwide have since used The Journey to awaken to their own infinite potential and free themselves from lifelong emotional blocks and physical illnesses.