Thorsons Way of Psychic Protection Book


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Thorsons Way of Psychic Protection Book

By Judy Hall

This is an exciting new introduction to the key techniques of psychic protection.  It not only explores the history behind psychic protection and its intrinsic relationship with our natural enviroment, but includes practical, easy to use techniques.

Psychic Protection explores the human need to open up consciousness and develop its unrealised potential against negative energies.  This introductory guide combines practical, easy to use techniques, such as visualizations and flower essences, with actual case studies.  It also explains:

  • what psychic protection is and why everyone needs it
  • psychic protection in everyday life
  • psychic attachment and
  • how to guard against psychic atack

About the Author:  Judy Hall is the Author of many books.  She was trained in psychic protection by the late Christine Hartley.  Judy has run psychic development groups for over twenty five years.  She is a workshop leader for The College of Psychic Studies in London and teaches psychic protection all over the world.