You Are Clairvoyant Book


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You Are Clairvoyant Book

By Belinda Grace, Australia

Being Clairvoyant is an innate skill that we are all born with, there are no exceptions.  Some people will have more flair for certain techniques than others and some of you may have to practice more or persevere but you can heal yourself from self sabotage and create heart and mind balance.  Make yourself whole and feel more connected to your life.

Learn how to develop your imagination, and clear and revitalise your Chakras.  Start to explore the skills of channelling and using your Inner Screen or conduct a psychic conversation.  Meet your Angels and Spirit Guides, experience the power of automatic writing, past life lessons and most importantly of all use all these skills to help you gain insight into your current situation and release negative patterns from your life.

You Are Clairvoyant is a wonderful toolbox of solutions for those who may be feeling:

  • Disillusioned and struggling to find balance and purpose in life
  • Are in difficulty on a physical, emotional or spiritual level
  • Have recurring problems with personal relationships
  • Are at a major crossroads in their life

BelindaGrace is a Clairvoyant and Healer and has developed this unique and inspiring book to help everyone get in touch with their secret skills.  Through easy to follow techniques and inspirational, real life examples, you will be taken on a journey to reconnect to your highest truths.