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Jo Thompson - Psychic Reader and Spiritual Adviser

With over 25 years of reading experience, Jo brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to those in need.  Jo can help you overcome challenges, connect you with loved ones and provide healing messages to relieve grief or conflict.
As a gifted Healer, Jo identifies areas of your Aura and Chakras that are out of balance, re-aligning them to leave you feeling cleansed and at peace.  To support and empower you on your journey of healing, Jo can direct you towards the best resources including healing crystals.


  • Psychic Readings
  • Aura Photos
  • Counselling
  • Life Coaching
  • Energy Healing
  • Ghost Busting/House Clearing

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Thankyou for my beautiful Aura Photo..!! I have left feeling absolute bliss that i was able to align my chakras perfectly when in a calm state of mind it gives me great faith in my spritual journing… so glad i poped in and seen you ❤️

Kristy 2023

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Come and experience the magic of guidance, love, career and health.