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Its been a whirlwind of a journey for me since long before Covid and its still a twirling energy of Expansion.

I have been in rapid Transformation personally and with Awakening Lotus.

From personal growth of moving home and starting afresh, personal evolution of who I am and what I want in my life, future and goals . . To re-branding Awakening Lotus to reveal deeper Wisdom, and transforming of Awakening Lotus Shop to an online and mobile business. And I’m still learning . . .

I Love this Life, even though sometimes I don’t understand it, especially when I’m in the midst of Transformation. However, I am always Pleasantly Surprised by the outcomes and Opportunities.

The Dark Night of the Soul can be extremely daunting. And the Silver lining to those seemingly dark and stormy clouds provides enormous benefits of growth and opportunity. And its hard to keep our Faith when things get tough and our life is falling apart.

Therefore, it is so important to keep sight of why we are here on this planet, at this time in history. What our purpose is personally? And how we develop the Spiritual fortitude to continue working on our own Evolution with Passion for our Purpose.

How do we maintain our stability when everything is crumbling around us; when we can’t see our way forward and we’ve lost our compass?

Its not easy to remain steadfast during these times.

My first piece of Wisdom would be to admit to yourself that you don’t know. That the truth of the situation is that I don’t understand it at all. That it feels horrible. That I don’t like it and I don’t have a path or a plan or a way out. Aarrgghh! And that “not knowing” is uncomfortable, scary and dangerous. It throws me into helplessness, hopeless, anxiety and depression. Yuk! to say the least.

So then, my second piece of advice is to cry. Yep, be vulnerable, acknowledge the space that you’re in . . . And let it out.

Be sad, angry, depressed, anxious . . . human.

Feelings are natural parts of our human experience so acknowledge them, be authentic, congruent and real. You might not like them but they are there for a reason because they just naturally bubble to the surface.

When we get overwhelmed we need to let the pressure cooker out. Then we can find our stability.

It is impossible to: be in a space of unknowing; be scared; hold wild emotions; and still have the presence to plan a way out?

No way! Be messy for a bit. Be real, let it out, take your time to be vulnerable and authentic (that’s Courage!).

Then, once you can release those wild and beastly feelings, thoughts, responses, then you have some space to appreciate your Evolution.

Identifying where you are, helps you to navigate where you would prefer to be (next step, destination or goal but take your time).

Lets give ourselves a break, be authentic, flexible, mailable to our situation, environment, circumstance.

Then be kind to yourself by allowing yourself to be right were you need to be, without forward movement but just as you are . . . A wild hot mess.

And when its too much to hold get help, seek support, check in with someone who cares or is a professional.

I want to thank you all for staying with me, being interested in my journey and supporting the Love that I believe in, through Awakening Lotus.

And thank you for supporting me through my long silence.

There are exciting things ahead.

Jo Thompson


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