Angel Ornaments – Kneeling Cherub in Crossed Over Wings with Light

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Product Description

Ornament – Kneeling Cherub in Crossed Over Wings with Light

Size:  12cm long.  The light creates a changing backdrop of colour inside the Wings.

Available in 3 styles:

  • Praying
  • Hugging
  • With Rosary

All about Angels:  Angels are regarded as spiritual beings in a variety of religions.  They are often depicted as messengers of God in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, the Quran and the Kabbala.  Other roles of Angels include protecting and guiding humans and carrying out God’s will.

The English word Angel is derived from the Greek ἄγγελος (aggelos), a translation of מלאך (mal’akh) in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh); a similar term, ملائكة (Malāīkah), is used in the Qur’an.  The theological study of angels is known as Angelology.

In art, Angels are often depicted with wings.